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Pioneering indoor navigation solutions

The Revolutionary Way of Smart-Shopping

Our concept of a smart-shopping environment begins with providing a scalable solution for large as well as small businesses to connect them with their online and offline customers.
Additionally, shoppers get in touch with their favorite offline shops and receive relevant offers, promotions and loyalty points.


For shoppers, Koopango helps them find interesting deals!

For shops, Koopango answers so many questions regarding their business! It’s a WIN-WIN partnership!

Do you want to know how?

what we provide


We connect shoppers and offline stores

A simple physical visit to an offline shop can create an opportunity for shoppers and shop owners to be connected immediately.



Rich analytics for business owners

From now on shop owners can have insightful statistics regarding visiting customers.



100% care for shoppers’ privacy

Shoppers can securely use our service without privacy concerns that entails modern products, as no private data is collected.



Mobile based ultrasound communication

Koopango’s pioneering indoor positioning technology helps store owners to easily integrate their stores to our platform. Shoppers walking-in will receive relevant information, whether they are promotions or coupons, instantly.

Apart from these core solutions, our engineers are working on a number of solutions, including pioneering work on indoor positioning systems.



Make it yours


Our solution is your solution

For clients, who want to interact with their customers and who require custom indoor positioning solutions, we provide a tested solution using our revolutionary positioning technology (patent pending).

Our solutions are not only restricted on core positioning solutions but also on the associated analytics and related software package. Whether it‘s a custom application or a specific analytics requirement, we have an experienced team to build the required package.



Other available solutions require a lot of logistics and are too complex. Consequently, apart from big stores, small stores and shops are not addressed. 

Koopango focuses on scalability and simplicity, so that all kinds of shop owners (small or big ones) can have access to the available services when Koopango connects them with their visiting customers and the associated analytics.