Satisfied customers thanks to Indoor Positioning

Take your customers where they want to go faster –
whether it’s to the next offer or the items on the shopping list.
Koopango makes it possible.

Steer and analyze visitor flows

In hospitals, museums, or other public buildings,
Koopango lets your visitors find their way around,
no matter where they are.

Process optimization taken further

It has never been easier to locate your goods –
optimize your logistics chain and use your time more efficiently –
thanks to Koopango.

Koopango –
Individual Indoor Navigation

Show your customers the best offers, help your visitors find their way around on different floors, or locate your goods in any kind of warehouse – Koopango offers indoor position tracking by ultrasound and helps you increase the satisfaction of your customers, visitors, and employees.

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Koopango offers indoor navigation based on your individual goals and finds the right solution for your company.

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Analyze your visitor and customer flows and use them to your advantage with Koopango – in full compliance with the GDPR.

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The collected data stays with you and only with you. We provide effective security for your system.

Tailored navigation solutions for every company

Tailored navigation solutions for every company

Do you want to send your customers quotations by app or remind them to purchase a specific product, give your visitors information about a painting, or simplify navigation in the warehouse for your employees? Koopango offers various navigation and application solutions depending on the industry, company size, retail space, and other factors.

Navigate your customers or visitors inside a building and even on different floors. We do this using ultrasound, which allows us to analyze the user’s location reliably and accurately. Since we use existing infrastructure, Koopango can be easily integrated – enabling position tracking with an accuracy of one and a half meters or even one meter.

Navigation over different floors

Navigation over different floors

Well-known technology, rediscovered. Ultrasound is beyond human perception and is transmitted via loudspeaker. This allows the location of your customer, visitor, or their goods to be pinpointed precisely. Smartphones, smart shopping carts, or even robots receive the signal and process it accordingly.

Ultrasonic position tracking also works over several floors, making it the best navigation solution for public buildings. Show your visitors quickly and easily how to reach their destination.

Analyze customer flows

Average age
25-34 years
35-44 years
45-64 years

Analyze customer flows

Give your customers the best shopping experience! It’s easy for online shops, and now we make it possible for retail and public buildings. Which paths do people take and which might they even avoid? Analyze your visitor flows, guide your customers, and ensure greater satisfaction. Use the collected data – while staying GDPR-compliant.

We completely respect the privacy of your customers! All data will be managed in accordance with the latest privacy regulations, maintaining the customers’ privacy. We are happy to assist you with the analysis and help you determine how your business or company can get the most out of it.


Research project

DEJ Technology GmbH will start a research project with the Wismar University of Applied Sciences! The aim of our research project is to equip the campus with our Koopango IPS solution.

1. December 2019

Koopango is patented

We are proud to announce that Koopango is now a patented technology!

11. November 2019


DEJ Technology GmbH receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

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