From idea to reality

Koopango – Who we are

Koopang-what? Koopango! Or is it “kubwa mpango”? Our aim is to solve a problem for our customers and be of great help. That is why we borrowed the Swahili term “kubwa mpango.” Translated, it means “great offer”. Since part of our team comes from Africa, we want to build a bridge between our international team and our customers with our name. But who or what is actually behind Koopango?

The idea

The idea of Koopango was conceived at the University of Rostock back in 2014. Degol Woldegaber, co-founder of Koopango, describes the communication between two devices by ultrasound in his Master’s thesis, which is selected as the best Master’s thesis of the year of the Computer Science Faculty.

During this time, Woldegaber meets Koopango’s other co-founders, Dr. Jonas Flint and Erik Heidenreich. They come up with the idea to join forces and start a business.

The founding

Koopango continues to develop. The founding team takes part in the Competition of Ideas (Ideenwettbewerb) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in 2015 and wins a special prize. The three co-founders feel empowered. The “Koopango” idea receives the EXIS founders’ grant of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in February 2016. These new financial resources allow us to further refine the technology.

Degol Woldegaber, Dr. Jonas Flint, and Erik Heidenreich ultimately found DEJ Technology GmbH in October 2016 with Woldgaber as CTO, Heidenreich as CFO, and Flint as CEO.

Investment in Koopango’s future

DEJ Technology GmbH, together with two other start-ups, wins the second start-up pitch of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. It takes just three minutes to win over the jury with the idea of “Koopango”. Various reports appear in the media, Koopango is on everyone’s lips, and new partners take notice.

Koopango is now supported by an eleven-member team.