Tailored, individual, and efficient


How Koopango can help increase your customers’ satisfaction

Solutions for the retail industry

Thanks to the Koopango’s indoor position tracking, we can find solutions for the retail industry that are otherwise only available to online stores: tailored offers for individual customers, shopping list notifications, navigation through shops and branches, and more! Products and services are available faster and customers are more satisfied.

How Koopango is used

Via app

Your customers will be given access to Koopango via app (Android or iOS).

Via device

Koopango can also be used via smart shopping cart.


The use of your customers’ data is protected at all times in compliance with the GDPR.

How can the retail industry benefit from Koopango?

The collected data can be used for both the individual and the general improvement of the shopping experience. This also makes specifically targeted marketing campaigns possible. We will be happy to assist you with the analysis!