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Who are we and what do we do?

We are a start-up founded in Rostock in 2016 that develops indoor navigation solutions and other digital solutions.

What is indoor navigation?

Indoor navigation refers to navigation and orientation inside buildings. Since GPS can no longer be used indoors, position tracking is implemented with the help of various technologies. Our Koopango product is based on ultrasound technology.

What infrastructure is required for Koopango?

With Koopango, hardly any hardware is required. Loudspeakers already installed in the buildings can be used as transmitters. The receivers of the location data are the smartphones of your employees and visitors.

Which industries can use Koopango?

We specialize in the retail industry, public institutions, and logistics. If your company does not belong to any of these industries but you still think Koopango can help you, feel free to contact us!

How accurate is Koopango’s position tracking?

Our system achieves an accuracy of 1 to 1.5 meters.

What else can Koopango do?

Koopango can analyze the data of your users in order to show them target group-specific advertising and offers. In logistics, Koopango lets you track the routes taken by your employees and resources and use that information to optimize routes in warehouses.

Is data protection guaranteed with Koopango?

We guarantee that our technology complies with the regulations and laws of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Before, during, and after working together with your company, we remain at your disposal for any questions regarding data protection issues.

Which operating systems are supported by Koopango?

Koopango is currently compatible with Android and iOS.

Can Koopango be integrated into existing systems?

It is generally possible to integrate Koopango into existing systems.

What else do we offer?

Our team of software developers is available to provide you with additional digital solutions, such as the development of web apps.

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